Buzz 4 Kollab @ York

Kollaboration TO is nothing unfamiliar to the student body at York University. The event has the student body buzzing all summer, looking to see fresh talent on stage. Music is one of the things that unites the diverse community at Yorku, so Kollaboration TO serves as a celebration to all its students.

The Voice of Yorku Lions

“There are so many reasons why I would want to go to Kollaboration that I don’t even know where to begin. To start, I saw the talent first hand as I was an auditionee and witnessed so many amazing performers audition. I may not have made it past the audition round, but I did see the high level of talent the judges were demanding and I am very eager to see the sure-to-be amazing performances that will happen at Kollaboration. I love music, I love dancing and I love to be inspired by excellent performers. All of this and more is why I am looking forward to Kollaboration.”

~ Carine Araujo, Class of 2016

“It was my first time attending Kollaboration last year and it was an unforgettable experience! The final contestants and guest performers demonstrated their passion for music and their talents left me speechless. I was happy to see a wide diversity of people come together to support their friends and to have a fun night with the community. The organization is truly meaningful and a great way to encourage new artists to follow their dreams. I can’t wait to attend this year’s Kollaboration!”

~ Candice Ip, Class of 2015

The voice of Kollaboration grows every year at York. This year, Belle Yang and myself are the Kollaboration Campus Ambassadors at York, and we are working hard to create excitement for this year’s event on September 21 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Yorku supports aspiring artists looking to showcase their talents. That is why the Lions will be roaring and cheering all night long at this year’s Kollaboration TO show. Looking forward to seeing all the talent and excitement that the night has to offer!


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