This is the official blog for Kollaboration Toronto 2012! Visit the blog for personal updates on our journey through the Kollaboration year. Look forward to posts getting to know our team and volunteers! The goal of this blog is to inspire everyone to reach for their dreams, to display their talents and to reach out to the community. We empower through entertainment.

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About the Authors

I’m Annie Tran, currently a B.Ed candidate for the class of 2013. I’m a graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Science, specializing in Psychology and Political Science. I’m also a freelance photographer for my own business called Hideaway Photography. I’ve photographed different events with several different universities, had various experience with engagements, concerts, events, and  charities. I do not consider myself lucky, but rather I’ve learned that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I’ve worked hard and prepared every step of the way in my life. Opportunities have just fallen into place. I believe that if you set your mind to something, you WILL achieve it.

Ashley Chin here, student at the Schulich School of Business. I have a penchant for discovering beauty and art in my everyday life, and seek to project it in everything I do. In addition to design, I love photography, drawing and experimenting with colour, space and shape. I’m a  musician at heart – I play and teach piano, play guitar, flute, violin, and the ukulele! I love to sing and write music as well. I like  indie and alternative music, and enjoy finding those “hidden gems” of music. One of my personal goals is to always live life with creativity. I feel that nothing should be done short of passion – mine being music, design and art.

About the Team

Hello, I’m Jess Cruz! 🙂 Creativity, passion, purpose and curiosity guides me. Scattered thoughts, ideas and quirky comics travel from my mind to paper. I believe giving back only works from the heart. I dislike cliches, but value their messages. Sometimes. My love for visual art, technology and storytelling found a double major in Communication, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT) and Professional Writing. I enjoy graphic/web design, applicable theory and narrative writing. Hopefully I find my place in the digital realm of Marketing, Design, Project Management, Consulting (or something that may not exist yet.) My guilty pleasures are Red Bean ice cream, the NBA, old school WWF/WWE days, social media, puppies, karaoke, boy bands, cartoons, macadamia nut cookies and McDonalds value picks. “Kid at heart”

I’m Amy Wong, student at York U majoring in communication studies and minoring in business. Writing is my medium of choice; I believe writing is thinking, and words are both boundless and beautiful. I’m big on making the best version out of anything. Hence, I love editing even more than I do writing. Unfortunately I’ve yet to discover my passion, so what I have in place of that for now is pure, hard work. I believe in the power of the individual – that each person has tremendous power to drive themselves, and then reach out to others and create change through their personal networks. I seek not to change the world around me, but to change myself and perhaps, spark change in others…to change one person’s world, one by one.

My name is Hunter Lee. I am specializing in visual studies and majoring in art history at The University of Toronto. Given my artistic background, I am always interested in the developments in the world of art. Art is something that is infinitely vast yet accessible by everyone in some form or another. Some create it, and everyone can admire it. I wish to do both as a never ending cycle of learning and progression. My favourite medium is sculpture though I am fond of all other forms in some way or another. My other interests include personal fitness, architecture, longboarding, rock climbing, computers, old non-mainstream music, Bruce Lee, and non-Apple products.


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