Our Proud “Kollaboration” with RUKSA

This year, Kollaboration Toronto received a tremendous opportunity to “kollaborate” with RUKSA (Ryerson University Korean Student Association). It is the goal of Kollaboration to connect with every Asian community in Toronto including student groups from different universities.

RUKSA was founded in 1997 with the aim to promote and continue the Korean culture through its community. Kollaboration had the pleasure to receive an interview from Rachel Lee, the Vice President of RUKSA. Through the interview, we were able to understand the functions and positive aspects RUKSA has brought to Ryerson University and to its community.

Questions for RUKSA

What is the mission statement of RUKSA? 

The mission statement of RUKSA is to connect the Korean student community at Ryerson University. It is imperative to encourage academic excellence while providing fun social events. RUKSA works towards providing Korean Ryerson students an enjoyable and helpful atmosphere that will make university an even better ride.


What is the vision for RUKSA?

The vision is to see RUKSA grow into a more impacting and supportive student group on campus while maintaining a solid foundation. We want to use all available resources to allow and witness RUKSA become an important part towards the life of a student throughout university.

What methods does RUKSA conduct to make sure members are connected?

During frosh week at Ryerson University, RUKSA will be among hundreds of school groups meeting new faces. In addition, RUKSA holds an orientation during the first week of school for all new and current students to meet and officially join RUKSA. As a RUKSA member, each member will receive personal calls from our HR executive for future events, seminars and trips.


How does RUKSA support the school community?

RUKSA executives actively attend all campus group meetings to make the group a bigger impact on campus. With partnerships and sponsorships across downtown Toronto, RUKSA strives to represent the school positively.

What events does RUKSA host? Which event is the biggest held every year?

RUKSA hosts drinking joint (with other Korean Student Association groups) and “Ryerson Only” events, academic seminars, “MT” (overnight trips), bowling nights, yearly orientations, spring / summer picnics and barbecues. The biggest event is the annual clubbing event called REGACY. It is the most exciting and famous event RUKSA hosts every September in the clubbing district downtown.


REGACY this year will be hosted on September 19 at Club TRYST. Please visit “REGACY RUKSA” on Facebook for tickets and information.

Questions for Rachel Lee, Vice President of RUKSA


What is your role as a Vice President of RUKSA?

As the VP, I am a representative of Ryerson University and KSA (Korean Student Association). I delegate directly with other KSA groups in Ontario and work diligently to make wise decisions and provide an environment that RUKSA members deserve.  In addition, I support and aid our President to the best of my abilities while working to ensure healthy relationships between RUKSA executive members.

How do you make yourself reachable to members of RUKSA?

I am naturally friendly, outgoing and approach members with an open attitude. I am available via social networking platforms and in person or by phone, text and email.

What encouraged you to become a member / executive of RUKSA?

As a student and young person working in the television broadcasting field in Toronto and Mississauga, I am always meeting new people and looking to build networks. Therefore, I was encouraged to become an executive of RUKSA so I can create social atmospheres and new relationships with others.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate / Ambitious / Must be Busy, Never Lazy


Together, Kollaboration Toronto and RUKSA will strive to represent and support the Asian community. A big thank you to RUKSA and Rachel for collaborating with Kollaboration Toronto this year.

Wish to know more about RUKSA? Visit their Facebook Page “RUKSA”.


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