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Did I hear you say CUSA?

CUSA (Chinese United Student Association) is one of the largest Asian associations among Canadian universities. Established five years ago with a vision to unite Chinese associations across universities, CUSA is now active in seven campuses: University of Toronto St. George & Scarborough, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster, RyersonU and YorkU.

Fostering an environment to encompass students from any Chinese background, CUSA provides countless opportunities and benefits for students who wish to meet new people from different schools in Ontario. Three representatives volunteered to speak more about their involvement in CUSA:

– a second year student from Laurier has been involved with CUSA for two years

Sally – a third year student from McMaster highly involved executive with CUSA and

Boris – a fourth year student at Ryerson and one of the three co-presidents

Q: What makes CUSA stand out more than other Asian associations?

Boris: CUSA offers CUSA membership discount cards – it’s essentially like an SPC card. We have stores across Toronto, Scarborough, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster. It doesn’t matter which university you go to – there will always be shops around you that are affiliated with us and give discounts. We are affiliated with Destiny’s, Chatime, Kenzo, 1Hr – these are just to name a few.
Q: What kind of events does CUSA hold?

Chichi: My favorite event is the banquet hall – my friend won a TV last year. There are mahjong events and for our winter trip, we went to New York and got to go shopping.

Boris: This year we’re thinking of New York, Chicago or Great Wolf Lodge – it has an indoor waterpark. Nothing gets better than that.
Q: How would you characterize your members?

Chichi: We have more of everyone. We have second generation, international kids or people like me who are not too Asian but not too whitewashed.

Sally: Our members include undergraduate students, graduate students, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking as well as people who speak English with minimal Chinese.


Left to right: Chichi (Laurier), Sally (McMaster), Boris (Ryerson)

Q: What are some upcoming events CUSA will have?

Boris: We’ll be holding an orientation encompassing the seven campuses we are at. We hope people come out and meet friends. School is stressful and coming out to the orientation will mean a lot to us. It’ll be on October 5 at 12:00pm on UTSG campus and a whole day event. Entrance fee is $8 but don’t worry – there will be prizes and they will be good! Also prepare to get wet!

If you are a student at any of the universities listed, above and are looking for a club to meet welcoming and friendly people, CUSA is the club for you. Check out their website at for more details!


Buzz 4 Kollab @ York

Kollaboration TO is nothing unfamiliar to the student body at York University. The event has the student body buzzing all summer, looking to see fresh talent on stage. Music is one of the things that unites the diverse community at Yorku, so Kollaboration TO serves as a celebration to all its students.

The Voice of Yorku Lions

“There are so many reasons why I would want to go to Kollaboration that I don’t even know where to begin. To start, I saw the talent first hand as I was an auditionee and witnessed so many amazing performers audition. I may not have made it past the audition round, but I did see the high level of talent the judges were demanding and I am very eager to see the sure-to-be amazing performances that will happen at Kollaboration. I love music, I love dancing and I love to be inspired by excellent performers. All of this and more is why I am looking forward to Kollaboration.”

~ Carine Araujo, Class of 2016

“It was my first time attending Kollaboration last year and it was an unforgettable experience! The final contestants and guest performers demonstrated their passion for music and their talents left me speechless. I was happy to see a wide diversity of people come together to support their friends and to have a fun night with the community. The organization is truly meaningful and a great way to encourage new artists to follow their dreams. I can’t wait to attend this year’s Kollaboration!”

~ Candice Ip, Class of 2015

The voice of Kollaboration grows every year at York. This year, Belle Yang and myself are the Kollaboration Campus Ambassadors at York, and we are working hard to create excitement for this year’s event on September 21 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Yorku supports aspiring artists looking to showcase their talents. That is why the Lions will be roaring and cheering all night long at this year’s Kollaboration TO show. Looking forward to seeing all the talent and excitement that the night has to offer!

Our Proud “Kollaboration” with RUKSA

This year, Kollaboration Toronto received a tremendous opportunity to “kollaborate” with RUKSA (Ryerson University Korean Student Association). It is the goal of Kollaboration to connect with every Asian community in Toronto including student groups from different universities.

RUKSA was founded in 1997 with the aim to promote and continue the Korean culture through its community. Kollaboration had the pleasure to receive an interview from Rachel Lee, the Vice President of RUKSA. Through the interview, we were able to understand the functions and positive aspects RUKSA has brought to Ryerson University and to its community.

Questions for RUKSA

What is the mission statement of RUKSA? 

The mission statement of RUKSA is to connect the Korean student community at Ryerson University. It is imperative to encourage academic excellence while providing fun social events. RUKSA works towards providing Korean Ryerson students an enjoyable and helpful atmosphere that will make university an even better ride.


What is the vision for RUKSA?

The vision is to see RUKSA grow into a more impacting and supportive student group on campus while maintaining a solid foundation. We want to use all available resources to allow and witness RUKSA become an important part towards the life of a student throughout university.

What methods does RUKSA conduct to make sure members are connected?

During frosh week at Ryerson University, RUKSA will be among hundreds of school groups meeting new faces. In addition, RUKSA holds an orientation during the first week of school for all new and current students to meet and officially join RUKSA. As a RUKSA member, each member will receive personal calls from our HR executive for future events, seminars and trips.


How does RUKSA support the school community?

RUKSA executives actively attend all campus group meetings to make the group a bigger impact on campus. With partnerships and sponsorships across downtown Toronto, RUKSA strives to represent the school positively.

What events does RUKSA host? Which event is the biggest held every year?

RUKSA hosts drinking joint (with other Korean Student Association groups) and “Ryerson Only” events, academic seminars, “MT” (overnight trips), bowling nights, yearly orientations, spring / summer picnics and barbecues. The biggest event is the annual clubbing event called REGACY. It is the most exciting and famous event RUKSA hosts every September in the clubbing district downtown.


REGACY this year will be hosted on September 19 at Club TRYST. Please visit “REGACY RUKSA” on Facebook for tickets and information.

Questions for Rachel Lee, Vice President of RUKSA


What is your role as a Vice President of RUKSA?

As the VP, I am a representative of Ryerson University and KSA (Korean Student Association). I delegate directly with other KSA groups in Ontario and work diligently to make wise decisions and provide an environment that RUKSA members deserve.  In addition, I support and aid our President to the best of my abilities while working to ensure healthy relationships between RUKSA executive members.

How do you make yourself reachable to members of RUKSA?

I am naturally friendly, outgoing and approach members with an open attitude. I am available via social networking platforms and in person or by phone, text and email.

What encouraged you to become a member / executive of RUKSA?

As a student and young person working in the television broadcasting field in Toronto and Mississauga, I am always meeting new people and looking to build networks. Therefore, I was encouraged to become an executive of RUKSA so I can create social atmospheres and new relationships with others.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate / Ambitious / Must be Busy, Never Lazy


Together, Kollaboration Toronto and RUKSA will strive to represent and support the Asian community. A big thank you to RUKSA and Rachel for collaborating with Kollaboration Toronto this year.

Wish to know more about RUKSA? Visit their Facebook Page “RUKSA”.

Daily Dose: Animals Talking In All Caps



Whatever crazy idea you’ve ever had, somebody’s probably beat you to it, and posted about it on the internet. There’s a blogger whose Tumblr is dedicated to nothing but animals talking in all caps, which is where the above image and text is from. You might not think that writing from the assumed perspective of an animal (in all caps) is writing practice, but it is. Any form of writing. As long as you’re putting your pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard to produce words and sentences, it is practice. Just, some of the product is a lot more amusing than others. Nonetheless, it’s important to try different forms of writing – prose, poetry, lyrics, even tweets. And those of us who’ve tried twitter know that it is actually really hard to compose a good, comprehensive message in 140 characters.

Check out Animals Talking In All Caps if you’re bored and need a good laugh 😛

Tunezy: Official Kollaboration Toronto Sponsor

Kollaboration Toronto is proud to introduce one of our sponsors, Tunezy! What is Tunezy? It is a music experience that focuses on and empowers independent musicians. As musicians display their work on Tunezy, fans can turn their love and support into something tangible for the artists, helping them in their journey to fame. In return, fans can use Tunezy’s virtual currency of “Notes” to gain access to exclusive experiences like virtual concerts, backstage passes, personal shout-outs, and more. Tunezy is a much more intimate experience for both the fans and artists. On Tunezy, you can choose to watch a music video, OR listen, and browse through the website – it’s an experience all about the music. Using the filters, you can check out which musicians are recommended for you, popular, new going viral, etc.

Kollaboration loves Tunezy because our mission statements align, as we want to help emerging artists take flight. Believe us when we say, you can’t find another platform like Tunezy. So what are you waiting for? Connect to Tunezy with your Facebook. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you definitely won’t regret it. Many of your favourite YouTube artists are already using Tunezy!

To learn more about Tunezy, check out their links below:

Twitter: @TunezyMusic

Daily Dose: CNE

To many people in the GTA, the Canadian National Exhibition is an annual experience to be experienced. Taking place at Exhibition place in Toronto for 18 days each year, roughly 5.3 million people visit the CNE, and roughly 1600,000 out-of-town visitors travel to Canada for the fair. It is Canada’s largest fair, and North America’s seventh largest. The first CNE took place in 1879, mostly to promote Canada’s agriculture and technology in Canada. Over time, the CNE has come to showcase a broader spectrum of the work and talent of this nation, reflecting growth in diversity and innovation. In order to make CNE what it is each year, the equivalent of  579 full-year jobs are created in the region. The CNE puts a lot of emphasis on creating and executing new environmental initiatives, and is an important cultural and community tradition for attendees.

While the CNE might have seemed like a fun fair to enjoy, it has a lot more purposes than to entertain. Likewise, while Kollaboration seems like just a talent show, our purpose is to empower youth through entertainment, and to reach out to the community as much as we can.

We hope to see you all at our show on September 15th! Buy your tickets online here, or contact a staff member 🙂





Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the event you’ve been waiting for! Months and months of hard work have gone into this. That’s right – TD presents Kollaboration Toronto 2012 – featuring the very best local Asian-Canadian talent in singing, dancing, and other performing arts! This show will feature some stunning guest performers, 6 groups of very talented finalists and more!


As indicated, we are proud to announce our guest performers: Joseph Vincent, Dumbfoundead and Dj Zo!
Check out our event page for more information, and our twitter for quick updates.

In case you’ve forgotten the faces of our finalists –

Come show them some love on September 15th!

Kollaboration KoffeeHouse Kickoff!

On Friday, August 3rd, Kollaboration Toronto Koffeehouse guests, performers, staff and volunteers enjoyed a night of music, refreshments, and lasting memories on a private floor of the Black Swan Tavern.

This year, Kollaboration Toronto implemented Independant Volunteer Projects (IVP’s) to spread awareness, give back to the community, and raise money. A successful Blood Donation IVP took place in June. This Koffeehouse IVP was lead by HR Associate, Michelle, and her group: Brian, Jess, Elizabeth, Hamy, Cindy, Stephanie, Gabe, and Julian.

The event celebrated, “Empowerment through Entertainment” as fresh, local talent hit the stage. The venue quickly filled up with 100+ guests, comforted in leather seats, as Marketing Director, Chris, introduced the performers.

  • Rachel Jong opened the night with an acoustic rendition of  “Love on Top” by Beyonce.
  • The hip-hop duo, Fly, mixed rap, vocals, and live instrumentals for an up-beat performance.
  • Kenneth Yeung impressed the crowd with his unique acapella beats and vocals with his loop machine.
  • Ryan Flores shared soothing original songs and a special medley.
  • Markham’s Got Talent winner, April-Joyce Bulangcao effortlesly powered through an Adele cover.
  • Daniel Oh pleased the audience with his unique renditions.
  • Kollaboration Toronto 2011 runner up, Pat Simeon, ended off the night with a stellar performance.

The Koffeehouse-A night full of music, chatter, and laughter-segways into Kollaboration Toronto‘s show on September 15th at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Don’t forget to purchase your early bird tickets here. 

Kollaboration Toronto sincerely appreciates all the performers, guests, staff, and volunteers who continue to support!

Daily Dose: Age Is Nothing But A Number

“The water doesn’t know how old you are.” – Darra Torres, Age is Just a Number

Every four years at Olympics, records are broken – records that disregard age.

In day 2 of London Olympics, the world witnessed 16 year-old Ye Shinwe (China) break the world record in the 400 IM (swimming). But her new record wasn’t the only amazing aspect about this race. Her split time for the final 50 metres was faster than that of 8-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte in the men’s race. This was the first time that had happened in Olympic history.

On the other side of the age spectrum, Dara Torres failed to qualify for London Olympics this year by a mere 0.09 seconds. But in the 2008 Beijing Olympics at age 41, Torres became a 12-time Olympic medalist, only swimmer to compete in 5 Olympic games, and the oldest swimmer to secure a place on an Olympic team.

While the Olympic games are a place to see people who all have incredible drive and who give their all to represent their country, our community is a similar place to strive for our dreams. And like Ye Shinwe or Dara Torres, as young or old as you are, it’s never too early or too late to aim for what you want.

Edit – Tonight, day 3 of London Olympics, 15 year old Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania won GOLD in the women’s 100 Breaststroke. I watched this event just a few minutes ago, proceeding to look up her age, and am still sitting here with my mind blown. This goes to show that when you give something your all, anything can happen…absolutely anything.

Musician and Singer: April-Joyce Bulangcao

Join Kollaboration Toronto for our first ever “Koffee House” this Friday, August 3rd at 8pm in the Black Swan Tavern (154 Danforth Ave, Toronto). Enjoy live music, refreshments, snacks, and a chance to win great prizes! (For more information, visit and RSVP on our Facebook event)

Now meet one of our performers, April-Joyce Bulangcao!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
“My name is April-Joyce Bulangcao (April-Joyce). I am thirteen years old and I love to sing. I started singing when I was seven years old. I learn music at Ontario Conservatory of Music, and  I take piano and vocal. I like to sing because many people inspire me to inspire others, and my motive is to serve and inspire.”

2) What inspired you to become as singer?
“When I was a young kid, I would listen to music all the time and try to sing it,but when it came to performing in front of the public I would become very shy.But now, I got used to performing so I don’t become nervous that much. Also people with different talents inspire me to try my best in what I’ve got and become the person who I am today.” 

3)  Define success.
“To me,success is setting out a goal and staying determined until you have achieved that goal. Success is also taking the opportunities that will lead to success.For example,whenever I see auditions being held for a talent search I go for it,and I’ll do my best. It is not just about winning because sometimes it can turn out to be a great experience for you.”

4) Do you have any advice for API (Asian Pacific Islander) youth aspiring to become artists?
“Advice that I can give for API is to always do your best when you’re performing and to be different and unique.At times you can be very proud of what you have achieved,but you always have to put in your mind that you have to be humble around people. Also,to always put your heart and soul into your work,and never give up.”

5) Favorite song of all time?
“My favourite song of all time is Hero by Mariah Carey.”

Come see April-Joyce perform with a great line up of talent this Friday!

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