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Daily Dose: Face Ink

Have you ever wondered what your skin would look like if it showed all of the emotional scars you’ve gained from suffering throughout your life? This unique and impressively conceptual idea is the focus of the artwork by Chinese artist, Pinpin Co.

Pinpin takes simple gel ink and applies it to the face of her subjects and minutes later, she washes the ink off. The ephemerality of the piece is representative of how temporarily emotional scars appear on your outer self.


Daily Dose: The Value of One

I’ve noticed both in real life and in fiction that people always want to leave their mark on the world by changing the lives of others. This is not only common, but it’s an admirable desire fueled by good intentions. But in my book, that’s not exactly what I want to do. I know that eventually, years after I’ve died, no one will remember me. And I’m okay with that. After all, death is the great equalizer, right? While I am here though, my interest lies in changing myself and helping shape others around me in the hope that I will change one person’s world, one by one. It’s similar to what most other people want to do, but with a slightly different (or more defined) approach and reasoning. My reason for this is that I know what the power of one is. The effects that a person can have when they exit the world is beyond tremendous. It ripples through countless people and highlights ways in which lives intersect and shows the importance of s/he who is no longer present. A person truly has power when they die, but all of us have that same (if not more) power to do good, improve each other’s lives, etc. when we are alive and kicking. And that’s why I find it so important to focus on individuals, and not care about how many people I’ve inspired or helped change, but how much I influence each individual I encounter.

Daily Dose: Be Yourself

“If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it, too. I want them to be able to do whatever they want around me”

– Steven Chbosky

At some time or another, you’ve probably had someone ask you how they should act around someone they like. Some people answer that question with some sort of elaborate strategy to present the person who wants to make a good impression, as someone who’s really charming, capable, has perfect timing, etc. But in my world, with my relationships, things aren’t so complicated. I only have one rule for myself and one phrase of advice: be yourself. It’s that simple. When you aren’t shrouded with calculated charm and tact, the people who you’re meant to be friends with will show up.

Daily Dose: To buy or not to buy? Is that REALLY the question?

“Companies don’t create desires, they manufacture them.”

Think about it. Take it in. Now read it again.

That’s what I did. This was the outcome:

We work to pay bills, we work to consume. We work to own…more

Material things such as smart phones, clothes, cars and virtual things such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have one thing in common: updates.  Currently, technology and media facilitate trends in fashion, technology, communication and more. We live in an age of “hyper-connectivity”. Things constantly change at a rate where the general population needs “the next best thing.”


Now, think of a world without ads, smart phones, internet, stores. Being disconnected.

The challenge? Taking breaks, laughing and enjoying yourself in real time. The challenge? Taking moments of silence and tuning in to the silence. Being connected.

If it’s a challenge, well, It shouldn’t be.

I thought of time spent working, simply online, or keeping busy. I thought of refocusing some of that time and energy for family, friends, and loved ones.

Now look at your phone or the last thing you just bought. Can you live without it?

“Companies don’t create desires, they manufacture them.”

Verbs can be misleading.

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