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Daily Dose: Face Ink

Have you ever wondered what your skin would look like if it showed all of the emotional scars you’ve gained from suffering throughout your life? This unique and impressively conceptual idea is the focus of the artwork by Chinese artist, Pinpin Co.

Pinpin takes simple gel ink and applies it to the face of her subjects and minutes later, she washes the ink off. The ephemerality of the piece is representative of how temporarily emotional scars appear on your outer self.


Daily Dose: M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was an artist born in the Netherlands. He primarily worked with print making and drawing. While these mediums are quite common, it is his mastery of perspective and in combination with his sheer creativity that allows his masterpieces to truly amaze. Shown below is but a small sample of the types of work he has done. Many of his images are architectural and are physical impossibilities if they were to be real. He’s drawn the Mobius Strip (the never ending loop) but takes it to another level. His pattern work is amazing in that they are incredibly precise. Despite all of the seemingly perfect illusions of perspective and the calculations in his work, he was able to include a level of kwirkiness that makes his work appealing to numerous levels of audience.

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MCE is an incredible artist who’s mastery with his medium makes his capabilities something to aspire to. Be sure to check out his site

Daily Dose: Whiteboard Art

It’s always a wonder what artists choose to do with their lives. Many live off of their work, both successful and less than successful. But many just keep it as a hobby, something to do in their spare time. Perhaps even during their lunch time. 

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Although 9gag is not exactly a reliable source of information and we may never know if the artist is a school teacher who managed to create his drawings during a lunch break, the level of talent is indisputable. You probably know quite a few people who are artists and many of them would be people you’d never expect. Could one of them be you?

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