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Did I hear you say CUSA?

CUSA (Chinese United Student Association) is one of the largest Asian associations among Canadian universities. Established five years ago with a vision to unite Chinese associations across universities, CUSA is now active in seven campuses: University of Toronto St. George & Scarborough, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster, RyersonU and YorkU.

Fostering an environment to encompass students from any Chinese background, CUSA provides countless opportunities and benefits for students who wish to meet new people from different schools in Ontario. Three representatives volunteered to speak more about their involvement in CUSA:

– a second year student from Laurier has been involved with CUSA for two years

Sally – a third year student from McMaster highly involved executive with CUSA and

Boris – a fourth year student at Ryerson and one of the three co-presidents

Q: What makes CUSA stand out more than other Asian associations?

Boris: CUSA offers CUSA membership discount cards – it’s essentially like an SPC card. We have stores across Toronto, Scarborough, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster. It doesn’t matter which university you go to – there will always be shops around you that are affiliated with us and give discounts. We are affiliated with Destiny’s, Chatime, Kenzo, 1Hr – these are just to name a few.
Q: What kind of events does CUSA hold?

Chichi: My favorite event is the banquet hall – my friend won a TV last year. There are mahjong events and for our winter trip, we went to New York and got to go shopping.

Boris: This year we’re thinking of New York, Chicago or Great Wolf Lodge – it has an indoor waterpark. Nothing gets better than that.
Q: How would you characterize your members?

Chichi: We have more of everyone. We have second generation, international kids or people like me who are not too Asian but not too whitewashed.

Sally: Our members include undergraduate students, graduate students, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking as well as people who speak English with minimal Chinese.


Left to right: Chichi (Laurier), Sally (McMaster), Boris (Ryerson)

Q: What are some upcoming events CUSA will have?

Boris: We’ll be holding an orientation encompassing the seven campuses we are at. We hope people come out and meet friends. School is stressful and coming out to the orientation will mean a lot to us. It’ll be on October 5 at 12:00pm on UTSG campus and a whole day event. Entrance fee is $8 but don’t worry – there will be prizes and they will be good! Also prepare to get wet!

If you are a student at any of the universities listed, above and are looking for a club to meet welcoming and friendly people, CUSA is the club for you. Check out their website at for more details!


Daily Dose: Toronto Board Meeting

This past Saturday, September the 8th was this year’s Toronto Board meeting. What is this board meeting about you may ask? Not unlike Kollaboration, it is an annual event in which a group of people that share a passion for what they do, come together and display their love for their lifestyle.  Now what is it they do you may be wondering? Roughly a thousand people (mostly from Ontario) ride long boards through the streets of Toronto dressed up in dress shirts and ties (get it? Board Meeting). Long boards if you haven’t seen them around are essentially long skateboards. The biggest functional difference is that they’re much more effective for getting around. Especially in the downtown area, long boards have become much more common and have been growing in popularity.  Last year there were just over 900 long boarders but this year, despite the rain, a total of 1003 people made it out.

On that note, if you like seeing talented people battle it out, come out to the show because it’s going to happen rain or shine this Saturday September 15th!

Kollaboration Shoutouts

Kollaboration Toronto receives support from various artists in the community.

Here’s a recap of some supporters this season:

Check out the finalists one more time!

Buy your tickets at:

Daily Dose: Hunter Lee

A year ago, I was living in California. It was a normal day and I was looking through Reddit when I stumbled across this picture:

This picture had been submitted in a griptape design contest, and he had won. This year after joining Kollaboration, I met the person in this picture: Hunter Lee (the blogger you all know and love). These kinds of awesomely random coincidences go to show how art brings people together, and to different places all around the world. Not to mention, I’m currently blogging from California while looking back at how slim the chance was for me to have made a full circle, seeing this picture here, then going to Toronto, meeting Hunter, and reflecting on this while in the states.

While he might not look like your typical artsy person, Hunter does some amazing(ly unique) artwork, some of which is shown below. After looking at the artwork he’s put up on his Facebook, one thing I notice is that most of it takes a REALLY long time and dedication to finish (i.e. spidey, pictured below). Props.

Musician and Singer: Daniel Oh

Meet Daniel Oh, a talented musician and vocalist!


1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
“I’m a 17-year old student from Toronto, Ontario. I have been a performing singer since I was 14, and have since performed at such places as the World Expo in China. I will be attending the University of Toronto next year for Commerce.


2) What inspired you to become a singer?
“Nothing, specifically. I’ve just always enjoyed singing. In addition, I’ve been an avid musician for most of my life, and I consider vocals just another instrument that I can play.”


3) Define success.
“Success is when you accomplish something that you have set out to do.”

4) Do you have any advice for API (Asian and Pacific Islanders) youth aspiring to become artists?
“Practice and find places that you can play – this means anywhere: school, venues, etc.”

5) Favourite song of all-time?
“I don’t have one song that I can name as my favourite, but at the moment it seems that I’ve been listening to “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” by Sam Cooke a lot recently.”


Join Daniel and other talented performers at this Friday’s Kollaboration KoffeeHouse!

Kollaboration Koffeehouse

Join us on August 4th, 2012 at Firkin Pub (207 Yonge St.) for our first ever Coffee House event. We promise great company, live music, and refreshments 🙂
Check our Facebook and Twitter between now and Aug 4 for more details and to RSVP!

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