Daily Dose: Manitoba Hydro Place

Architecture is a balance of science and design. It allows for one to be creative with the physical limitations of the technologies of our current time. Many types of architecture look to the past for precedent and example while others forge a new path. KPMB architects did just that with their Manitoba Hydro Place project. Not only have they created a beautiful modern looking project but they’ve also set a new standard for green design through architecture on an international level.

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Here are some facts and features about Manitoba Hydro Place

  • Environmentally friendly design allows the building to cut down its energy consumption by 60+%
  • Located in Winnipeg (very windy), the building uses the wind for its circulation system that allows the building to have outside fresh air 100% of the time
  • A waterfall in the atrium either has the water heat up to add humidity in the winter or cool down to dehumidify in the summer
  • The building takes energy from the natural location of the geothermal heat beneath it and through the sun via its solar chimney

Through sheer design ingenuity, KPMB architects have been able to create a stunningly successful environmentally friendly piece of architecture. Not only is the building very green but it is also very worker friendly. The building’s butterfly staircases allow for better connectivity between people on the stairs, the sun room is a large open warm space used for yoga, and the building is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg where all the bus routes are which encourages the employees to take public transit as well as to better interact with the downtown area. Not only is the building green but also it has been considered one of the best places to work at in Canada. All of this was possible through ingenious architectural design.

Here is a link to the project for more information http://www.kpmb.com/index.asp?navid=30&fid1=&fid2=37&fid3=&minyearx=&maxyearx=


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