Daily Dose: Internet Art

Art isn’t always in the form of something physical. When you think of computer based art you probably think of graphic design and drawings on Microsoft Paint. The computer is a powerful artistic medium that enables one to work on all levels of art that doesn’t require physical space. However, the most under looked and unheard of in the world of computer based art is internet art or web based art. Artists that work in this medium take advantage of what the internet has to offer and the ranges of complexity of their work vary on their capabilities. There is an infinite number of possibilities for what can be achieved. Here is a somewhat diverse set of examples.

This is a series of old rock videos that have been converted into ASCII code format with their audio in MIDI format that creates a unique take on rock music.


Attention Hog by Chris Basmajian
This is a flash game that represents the artist’s view on social and psychological trends in social networking communities.


dear diary by Monica Lozano
Lozano’s story is that she had her diary read by someone close to her without permission and has had trouble writing ever since. This piece is her expressing what she would write in her diary in a more visual way.


Broken City by James Alliban
This piece is the artist’s take on life in the city. When you move your mouse over the space, you create an image and the more you visit it with your cursor the more it changes.

If you’re interested in seeing more, http://rhizome.org/artbase/browse/favorites/ is a great place to start.


About Hunter Lee

I am a volunteer for Kollaboration Toronto

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