Musician, Singer, Rapper: Jimmy Li (Jrabbit)

Meet Jimmi Li (Jrabbit), a member of the group, FLY. Come see them perform at Kollaboration Koffee House  on August 3rd@8PM in the Black Swan Tavern!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
“My name is Jimmy Li (Jrabbit). I’m an Honors Life Science student pursuing a career in the medical field. My lead instruments are guitar and vocals. I also play instruments like the flute, drums, bass guitar, keyboard and rap.”

2. What inspired you to become as singer?  
“As a kid, I’ve always enjoyed the spot light, and being the center of attention. Performing music is an outlet for me to express my creativity to others.”

3. Define success.
“Success is being happy with what you do. 
Success is being responsible with yourself and others. 
Success is being grateful for what you have.”

4. Do you have any advice for API (Asian Pacific Island) youth aspiring to become artists?
“My advice for the API youth is to:
Always be ready to show your best, because you never know who’s watching.” 
“Pursue a career that interests you, not your parents or anyone else. After all, you will be the one living with it for the rest of your life.” 

5. Favorite song of all time?
Sing for the moment – Eminem”


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