Daily Dose: 10,000 clicks

“Your first 10 000 photographs are your worst.” -Henri Cartier Bresson

Photography is one of those things that takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. The ease of pressing the shutter button is incredible since it produces a piece of art each time (some much better than others). But like many other things in the world, improvement comes with practice. In the words of Bresson, about 10 000 photographs work of practice. While that sounds intimidating, photography is one of those things that you can do over the course of your life. Especially with how accessible cameras of all forms are nowadays. The nice thing about them is that you can pick up any camera and transfer your knowledge from one to another. So it doesn’t matter how many photos you take on your camera. What matters is how many you take in your life. Think of how many times you’ve clicked like on a photo on Facebook. Now think about pressing the shutter button on your camera instead. 


About Hunter Lee

I am a volunteer for Kollaboration Toronto

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