Daily Dose: Deposits

On a humid day, on a crowded bus, on a detoured route, I sat in the last vacant seat. Another day battling the rush hour war zone.  I stood up as a flock of people boarded at Dundas and Spadina. I offered my seat to an older woman. “No big deal, common courtesy right?”, I thought to myself.  As I turned around, she shook my hand, smiled and whispered “Thank you, I’ve been on my feet all day.” And smiled. Small frustrations like the construction, traffic and heat lost their significance. I smiled back and nodded.

Acknowledging, complementing, or even smiling at someone may impact their lives indirectly, yet positively. (The same effect turned from the inside out). That simple “thank you” made my day. By accident.

Recognize these actions.

Make daily deposits.

And Pass it on.

People may or may not appreciate it.

Be kind anyway, do good anyway.

Mother Teresa Quote

Image Source: inspiredbycharm.com


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