Daily Dose: The Amazing Spiderman, and Passion

I hope many of you recognize this from The Amazing Spiderman, which came out in theatres recently. If not, hopefully I’ll have convinced you to go watch it by the end of this post.

Spiderman is…a character in a comic book, to put it in the most basic terms. But to me and so many other people, Spiderman is SO much more than just a comic book character. Here, when portrayed by Andrew Garfield, in this gif specifically, I see one thing: passion. This might be where you might least expect it, but in this scene, Peter Parker is talking about science, and his eyes are sparkling and he’s totally excited, and I can’t describe it in a way that does justice to how his character is feeling in this moment, but when I saw this scene in theatres (…twice, I might add), I didn’t need him to say “I’m passionate about science”…I knew, just by how he carried himself. And I envy that amount of passion that he has. Because to convey feelings of passion for something without having to state that you have such feeling? That is true passion. And here, he’s oozing with it. That’s something I don’t have at this point in my life, but I hope with all my being that I will. (And he’s just acting, so…that’s some damn good acting.)

Whatever you’re passionate about, pursue it with all you have, because it may just as well be the greatest weapon you have in your life. ❤


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