Daily Dose: The Value of One

I’ve noticed both in real life and in fiction that people always want to leave their mark on the world by changing the lives of others. This is not only common, but it’s an admirable desire fueled by good intentions. But in my book, that’s not exactly what I want to do. I know that eventually, years after I’ve died, no one will remember me. And I’m okay with that. After all, death is the great equalizer, right? While I am here though, my interest lies in changing myself and helping shape others around me in the hope that I will change one person’s world, one by one. It’s similar to what most other people want to do, but with a slightly different (or more defined) approach and reasoning. My reason for this is that I know what the power of one is. The effects that a person can have when they exit the world is beyond tremendous. It ripples through countless people and highlights ways in which lives intersect and shows the importance of s/he who is no longer present. A person truly has power when they die, but all of us have that same (if not more) power to do good, improve each other’s lives, etc. when we are alive and kicking. And that’s why I find it so important to focus on individuals, and not care about how many people I’ve inspired or helped change, but how much I influence each individual I encounter.


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