Daily Dose: Is This still Drawing?

Kumi Yamashita is a New York City based Japanese artist who creates incredibly unique works. Though she works in a variety of mediums, the focus on today’s post will be her thread portraits or as she likes to call them, ‘constellations’. Essentially she is drawing with thread. From a distance you won’t be able to tell what makes up the values and gradients that compose the portraits she’s made. It isn’t until you’re up close you realize what makes her work that special.

While many artists stick to the more traditional mediums like painting and sculpture, there are always those who strive to be unique and become more inventive. Yamashita’s ‘constellations’ is certainly representative of this. Everyone is unique in their own rite and a lot of that comes from how they choose to represent themselves. For artists, sure you can master painting and whip out an acclaimed masterpiece but that will never have the same impact as something without precedent. Something that the world has never seen before will always have that undisputed advantage versus those that have a history of success. Something brand new, something fresh.

So while it is important to stay with the mainstream in life so you don’t fall out of the loop, don’t forget its what you do on your own that will define you.

If you want to learn more about this artist, visit her website! http://www.kumiyamashita.com/


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