Daily Dose: To buy or not to buy? Is that REALLY the question?

“Companies don’t create desires, they manufacture them.”

Think about it. Take it in. Now read it again.

That’s what I did. This was the outcome:

We work to pay bills, we work to consume. We work to own…more

Material things such as smart phones, clothes, cars and virtual things such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have one thing in common: updates.  Currently, technology and media facilitate trends in fashion, technology, communication and more. We live in an age of “hyper-connectivity”. Things constantly change at a rate where the general population needs “the next best thing.”


Now, think of a world without ads, smart phones, internet, stores. Being disconnected.

The challenge? Taking breaks, laughing and enjoying yourself in real time. The challenge? Taking moments of silence and tuning in to the silence. Being connected.

If it’s a challenge, well, It shouldn’t be.

I thought of time spent working, simply online, or keeping busy. I thought of refocusing some of that time and energy for family, friends, and loved ones.

Now look at your phone or the last thing you just bought. Can you live without it?

“Companies don’t create desires, they manufacture them.”

Verbs can be misleading.


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