Featured Wednesdays: Josh To

1. Why do you want to be part of Kollaboration?
I wanted/still want to be part of Kollaboration for several reasons:
One being that I love the performing arts; music and dance are a big part of my life. I knew that being part of the team that helps put on this production would be a great experience. I’m a fan of event planning and working as a team to put on something that inspires people, and it’s enjoyable to be a part of that. Also, the people here are so much fun! They’re great to be around, supportive, caring and we make each other laugh. It’s been pretty good so far.

2. What one word would you describe this organization and why?
Ascent. Because we’re working together to get somewhere, and we’re not there yet, but oh yea, it’s going somewhere, it’s going up.

3. What one word would you describe yourself and why?
Argh this is way too hard hahaa, with just one word… I will use TWO! (oops, sry to whoever’s editing this) the best way to describe me would be: Erratic (don’t read that word wrong) and Adventurous. Why erratic? I’m the type of person that will get very passionate about things for awhile, and then maybe leave it quickly. Thankfully, there are some things in life that I know I will always have a heart for, but my erratic, inconsistent and wavering part of me will sometimes kick in and really pull me off course in life (in various ways). To be honest, I’m inconsistent and broken in many ways, but I’m being made whole, and more loving by God who’s got my back. Adventurous, I seek, search and explore. Gain new awesome experiences, searching for joy, and diving into life. I love things that get my adrenaline going. I would like to quit school and be a secret agent (half-joking). Take me skydiving.

4. Name three of your successes.

1) Dessert Night Fundraiser for Rwanda I helped put together 3 years ago, it was held at my house on 2 nights, we raised $1,170 from serving desserts to guests. All from friends helping to make desserts, being waiters/waitresses, borrowing tons of things from plates to chairs; we worked together in chaotic fun to pull together something fun and amazing.

2) Following Jesus(God). I wouldn’t call it a.. “success” thing in the typical way, but I would call a success something that is worth a lot and is a triumph/win. And going on this journey of life with struggles, but growing with God in love and faith, adventure, joy, pain, inconsistency, fulfillment, etc…
I would call it a definite win.

3) Finishing this post, because my mom is lecturing me to go to sleep for work early tomorrow and I am tired, thanks for reading!

A photo to describe you/your craft: 

The photo is  Herb-encrusted rack of lamb . i am dang proud of that. thank God for that medium-rare, I was barely keeping track of the time on that one loll!

What others have said about Josh:

“From the first poster run, I know Josh to be one of the most hardworking volunteers. But more than being just hard working, I, and I’m sure everyone else, can tell that he is super passionate about supporting and perpetuating the performing arts as both a dancer and spectator. He is also one of the most sincere individuals I’ve met in the past few years, and I’m extremely happy to have met him and to be mentoring him.” 
– Amy Wong


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