Daily Dose: Quote of the Day

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.

– Lou Holtz
Reactions scoop true character. I thought of this last night as I watched the boxing fight featuring Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley.
Paquiao speaks at a press conference after his fight against Bradley.

Paquiao shares his thoughts at a press conference after his fight against Bradley. Photo Source: Manny Pacquiao’s official Facebook page

Pacquiao is a respected individual in the Filipino community and the sport of boxing.

In summary, the judges’ split decision awarded the championship to his opponent, Bradley. The audience and announcers’ reactions showed animosity to the decision (which implied Pacquiao clearly won). Statistics, witnesses, and video footage supported their stance. Controversy of scandal quickly arose among the viewers and trended across social media. Regardless of the controversy, one thing stood out: reactions.

Emotion often drives reactions. Of course, in the midst of excitement, my family and I freaked out, some cursed, and others remained speechless.

However, Pacquiao’s reactions never cease to amaze me. A status off his official Facebook page states,

I 100% believe I won the fight… I’m still here. I can fight. Thanks to the media and fans, my name is written in history. I’d like to thank God for keeping me safe and strong.
– Manny Pacquiao

Despite a defeat in the history books, he accepted the decision, held the truth in his heart and moved on.

In all the glory, chaos, and adversity, his humbleness, empathy, class, and spirituality conquered all. Faith gave reassurance, tuned out the negative and brought in the positive energy.

My goal was to knock him out. I give him credit for three rounds. Almost every round I hurt him. I know he feels that.

– Manny Pacquiao

Ten percent of life is losing fights. Ninety percent can be getting up, moving forward, and smiling genuinely with reassurance. Only if you let it.


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