Featured Wednesdays: Hunter Lee

1. Why do you want to be a part of Kollaboration?

I’ve never really been one to seek opportunities compared to letting them come to me.
Man am I glad Kollaboration was one of them. With first year university, you’re flooded
with a sea of clubs and opportunities but for me, hardly any of them come close to
what Kollaboration has done for me. I was a volunteer last year and going in, I wasn’t
at all sure what Kollaboration was or what it was about. After the show, I realized how
many great people I met and the fantastic time I had so the question to volunteer again
wasn’t necessary. I now know that I want to be a part of Kollaboration because of the
community it creates, the friends you make and yes, the show is pretty cool as well :P.

2. What one word would you describe this organization and why?

Opportunity. My favorite stories are about the underdog that gets the opportunity to face
a life changing challenge. They train, prepare and face numerous challenges along the
way and when the time comes, they become something amazing (usually). I feel like
Kollaboration does this with every single person that it reaches out to from the talent at
auditions to the volunteers. Kollaboration gives everyone the opportunity to shine, and
the more you put into it the more rewarding it will be. Also, it’s an amazing opportunity
to meet fantastic, motivated people who are working with you with a common interest.
With Kollaboration, the opportunities are endless.

3. What one word would you describe yourself and why?

Capable. I’ve been called crazy, I’ve been called insane, I laugh at myself sometimes at
the challenges I put upon myself, yet I find myself being very capable (when I have the
energy lol).

4. Name three of your successes.

1) I was a Can-fit Pro certified fitness instructor (until university started).
2) I won artist of the year at my high school.
3) I did the 300 workout in 30 minutes.

One picture that describes me:

This picture is me during my fitness instructor certification course. It shows a number of
things that represent me. I love the beach, the sun, being fit, working hard, and living in
the moment. Note that the tattoo on my arm was temporary and for lol’s.

“The first thing I said to Hunter was, HI! YOUR NAME IS ON MY BOOTS! I’d say he’s the first new friend I made since Kollaboration began, and since then, we talk on a regular basis! He is hardworking, extremely artistic and is truly a great friend. He has his quirks too – you don’t meet someone like Hunter every day.”

– Ashley Chin


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