Singer and Songwriter: Pat Simeon

Pat Simeon has always been a shy kid, and a music lover. With some help from his friends, and a little push, he began to work his way into the music scene. His voice, along with his guitar playing, now commands its own attention, reaching thousands of views on YouTube!

Check out my interview with him below:

Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do.

I am a twenty-year old musician, residing in Toronto. I’d consider myself a singer-songwriter, and have been doing this for about three years now. Everything I do is self-taught. Actually, I even tried rapping before singing. That didn’t work out too well – or AT ALL. So then, I decided to try singing, and ever since then I’ve been singing – starting grade 11? In terms of guitar, I actually learned off YouTube! I looked for songs that I had a passion for, and it just went from there. I developed an ear for music and started to recognize familiar chords. Next thing you know, I became comfortable playing and singing at the same.

How did you get started?

“I started singing just because it made me feel good. I have always been a shy person, and I always felt like maybe I could sing. What happened was, I tried singing for one of my friends. I told them to go to the basement of my house, and I sang on the first floor, because I was THAT shy. When I came back, the response was crazy. After that, I started joining talent shows in high school. Before, I had a guitar player. Then I thought to myself, I’d rather be the guy who does everything. SO I picked up my guitar and started to learn.”

What inspires you to do what you?

“There are many people inspire me, but one specific event inspired me to become a performer. It was actually my time at Kollaboration. During one of my interviews, I was asked, “Do you see yourself doing this in the future?” It was then that I realized that this is really something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.”

What are you currently working on?

“Right now, I’m in the songwriting process for an EP that I’m hoping to release by the end of the year, consisting of 4-5 original songs. Let’s try to get through my finals first!”

Who are your idols, or artists would you say you identify with?

“I really look up to independent artists, because they have built themselves from the ground up. They have a stronger connection with their fan base as well.  One of the groups I look up to is a band that I opened for called Mitchell Grey. They are actually a part of Kollaboration New York! They’re a really good band, and I look up to those guys a lot. Jeremy Passion would be another one. I really look up to his passion for music (no pun intended). He delivers the soul that I feel is missing in today’s music. The last one, I’d say is Michael Buble, in terms of his vocal ability. If only I could somehow have that voice!”

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians or artists?

“To people who are actually trying to pursue this, I’d tell them not to worry too much! Just keep doing what you’re doing, and things will fall into place.”

Tell us about any hobbies you may have.

“P90X! Just joking. But once the weather looks up, I’m going to be spending a lot of time on my bicycle. Otherwise, I’m a bit of a techie – I like my gadgets. I’m a little Apple-biased though. My room is controlled by an iPod touch!”

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?

“I’m actually torn between two people. I’m stuck between John Mayer and Jason Mraz. I love Jason Mraz’s songwriting style, but I love John Mayer’s guitar abilities. Actually, come to think of it, I’d want to be Jason Mraz. At the end of the day, I feel like lyrics matter much so much more to me.”

For some samples of his work:

On behalf of Kollaboration Toronto, thank you Pat for your time! We know that you’ll continue to touch the hearts of others with your music. We hope that the rest of you love his music as much as we do. Definitely check him out!


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