Annabelle Kim is working her butt off as 2012’s Creative Director, get to know her!

1. Why do you want to be part of Kollaboration?

I wanted to challenge myself. Also, to be part of an organization that I truly believe in.

2. What one word would you describe this organization and why?

Heart. This organization has a lot of it. You can tell how much someone has the passion for something when they are fully committed to it. It’s something that I’ve noticed not just within Kollaboration Toronto and our team, but through all the other cities as well.

3. What one word would you describe yourself and why?

Mad scientist: lol I guess I would describe myself as that because I love to create new things. I don’t like to stick to just one medium either, I love to experiment and learn as much as I can, just like a scientist, a crazy one. haha. My dad is also a scientist so I guess that’s where the experimental side of me comes from. Hi dad! 🙂

4. Name three of your successes.

Graduating University, well almost! Freedom on the 24th! (I can’t think of three.. LOL )

One photo that best describes Annabelle!

The Photo is of me when I was a kid. I want to be superman! Be able to use my God given talents to help others and inspire. Also, I’m still a young kid inside 🙂

What others have said about Annabelle:

“From the moment Annabelle brought me on-board to be apart of the team, she has been nothing but welcoming, organized, and motivational. I think without her, the team wouldn’t be as strong as we are now.” -Derek Hui


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  1. Heya, is there a date set for the show yet? I can’t seem to find it on your website, unless I just haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning…….

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