Last Saturday, April 21, the 2012 Kollaboration Toronto volunteer team went to the heart of Toronto, Yonge and Dundas Square. Chris Lee, marketing director and his team came up with a genius marketing event. A scavenger hunt through Toronto, while getting the word out about Kollaboration.

Everyone was organized into their respective team, and from 1-4pm, we explored the city of Toronto to find items on our scavenger hunt list such as:

  •  Find a husband and wife to list 5 reasons why they love each other
  • Get someone to do a handstand
  • Serenade a stranger
  • Find someone with a unique talent
  • Get a stranger to autograph your hand
  • Get someone to do 5 pushups while a volunteer sits on them
  • Find someone with ice cream
  • Find lookalikes
  • Find someone who is taller than 6″5
  • Do the YMCA dance with a stranger
  • Do the Jump On It dance with a stranger
  • Get shout out videos, Facebook likes and twitter followers!

It just so happens, Ashley and I were on the WINNING TEAM 😉 Cheers to Devorah Kim, Stephanie Choi, Brian Rim, Hunter Lee, and Melissa!  Our prize? Pie-ing the directors in the face!

All in all, the event was a successful and memorable one. We got our business cards out there, talked to others and encouraged them to audition and come see the show, and just got to know each other a lot more =)

Something cool also happened. Kollaboration Toronto was the VERY FIRST, to try out Dorito’s new flavour and create a promo video “Jacked.

We also got our new fancy t-shirts in collaboration with Mighty Clothing. I contacted Richard Park for a personal look into what this company is all about. Here’s what he had to say:

Mighty Clothing strives to be more. We are always on a pursuit for better and look to deliver not only the best clothing but the best experience. At Mighty Clothing we don’t settle for mediocre. When we work, we work hard. When we play, we play hard. It’s a lifestyle the resonates with a lot of people.

– Live Mighty

He also encourages anyone to contact him directly at: richardpark@mightyclothing.ca

Nothing but love! Can’t wait for the next event.

Check out the photo set: HERE

Check out the Facebook photo set: HERE


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  1. This looked so awesome! Great stuff!

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