Name: Terry Im
Age: 22
Hometown: Born and raised in Toronto
Genre: Mouth music
Instruments: Piano, Flute, Drums


-Top 6 at the World Beatbox Championships 2012(Berlin, Germany)
-3rd Place Grand Beatbox Battle 2012(Basel, Switzerland)
-1st Place Canadian Beatbox Championships 2011(Toronto, Canada)
-1st Place Redbull Academy Culture Clash 2011(Toronto, Canada)
-3rd Place Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle 2011(Graz, Austria)
-2nd Place Grand Beatbox Battle 2011(Basel, Switzerland)
-Finalist at Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle 2010(Graz, Austria)
-1st Place Canadian Beatbox Championships 2010(Toronto, Canada)
-1st Place Toronto Beatbox Championships 2010(Toronto, Canada)
-Top16 at the World Beatbox Championships 2009(Berlin, Germany)
-1st Place South Korean Beatbox Championships 2009(Seoul, South Korea)
-1st Place Kollaboration 2008(Toronto, Canada)
-1st Place South Korean Beatbox Championships 2007(Seoul, South Korea

FACEBOOK: 3,147 likes · 1,664 talking about this

I first heard about KRNFX when he was performing at a Kollaboration Toronto show and I was in awe. That’s when my respect for beat-boxing ignited. A couple of years after, I’ve personally had the chance to meet Terry Im, KRN FX, while he was in Toronto at a KCUTSA event back in February 2012. Being able to photograph this event, I introduced myself and found myself quite comfortable talking to him because of his calming demeanour.

But don’t get me wrong, he ripped apart the show with his beat-boxing sets.

Next thing I know, he was in a Coca-Cola commercial featured on Much Music and a Telus beat-boxing commercial. Now 3 months later, and I found out that he’s up for the semi-finals for Canada’s Got Talent. HE is BLOWING UP!

So, let’s all reach out and support him as a community. Toronto has some serious talent and let’s show Canada what we’re made of!

Vote for KRNFX in the Canada’s Got Talent Semi-Finals on April 29


Sunday, April 29, 2012: Semi-finalist Performance
5 Ways to Vote for KRNFX on Canada’s Got Talent!
>> can vote 10 times per method!

ONLINE: Go to website & click “Vote” button

PHONE: Call designated 1-855 Toll-Free number

TEXT: Text VOTE to designated 4-digit number
(Rogers Wireless customers only)

FACEBOOK: Authorize Canada’s Got Talent app & click “Vote” button

TWITTER: Tweet @CGTCitytv with hashtag (#) CGT & designated 4-digit number
Example: “@CGTCitytv I vote for #CGT 1234”
(REGISTER your Twitter on Canada’s Got Talent website to be eligible to vote!)

<< Voting is open from 9:10pm until 2:10am EST >>

Watch KRNFX’s performance on CityTV Sunday, April 29 at 8:00pm EST
Results show will be on Monday, April 30 at 9:00pm EST


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