Daily Dose: Toronto is the City of Love & Culture

On Saturday April 21st, during the Kollaboration Toronto scavenger hunt, one of our tasks was to find a husband and wife to share 5 reasons why they love each other. Devorah Kim, approached a very lovely couple who were out of town, and only spoke French. They gladly had a conversation with us and got to know about Kollaboration Toronto.

It was a heartwarming moment for our team. Watch the videos below for a real tear jerker!

I tried to provide captions for the video & translations. But there’s some that I couldn’t make out. Apologies!

Elle est belle, elle est très honnête et très très jolie et je l’aime toujours.

Translation: She is beautiful, very honest, and very very nice and I will love her always.

Il est très gentile, il a couer super, énorme, je l’aime

Translation: He is very gentle, he has a super enormous heart, I love him.

This was a moment I think I won’t forget. Not everyday can you approach random strangers and talk about love. Being part of Kollaboration has opened up a new opportunity to get to know the community, and fall in love with this city. I hope the volunteers also feel the same way.


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