Talent Tuesdays: Guest Writer Joanne Wong, on Wong Fu Productions

I remember my friend sending me a link to a website back many years ago. I remember watching a video of a few guys lip syncing and dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Señorita,” and I remember laughing ridiculously hard at another video called “Yellow Fever” – a satirical look at inter-racial dating. Back in the day, online videos weren’t very prevalent. This was before this little website called “YouTube” came about (does anybody else remember those days?).

Now about 8 years later, Wong Fu Productions has greatly evolved into a well-renowned name on the YouTube community with over 1.1 million subscribers. Not only this, they have been in a number of film festivals, including the San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Did I also mention that they met the President of the United States just last year?

Wong Fu Productions is an Asian-American film-making group consisting of three talented men who create short videos ranging from comedy to romance. Phil Wang had met Wesley Chan and Ted Fu in his visual arts class in University of California in San Diego back in 2004. From then, a new friendship and a great film company grew.

If you’ve never watched Wong Fu Productions before, go to their YouTube channel now! The comedic ones (e.g. Kung Fooled) are just hilarious; and the dramatic/romantic ones have this beautiful sense to it. You feel calm. You feel at ease. The cinematography and art direction are beautiful, the concepts are ingenious. If you love Wong-Kar Wai’s stories and filming style, you’ll love Wong Fu Productions. What I also love about them is that they have this intricate attention to detail.

Switching to a more personal note, I got to meet these guys about 5.5 years ago in December 2006. Unfortunately, Ted was not there . WFP went to my alma mater (University for Waterloo) for a tour and presented their feature-length film of “A Moment Of You.” Luckily, a few of my friends and I got to hang out with them afterward and had pizza at my friend’s place. That entire evening, we were just joking around, dancing, and engaging in the strangest conversations. What I realized that night was that they were ultra nice guys and so down-to-earth. The fact that they had all these fans didn’t get to their heads. They were just normal people like you and I.

Wong Fu Productions

Top: Phil, Wes and I in 2006.
Bottom: Phil, Wes and I in 2012.

5.5 years later… They are the exactly the same. Still down-to-earth, and still awk… awesome as ever. The only thing was that we were much older (ha!).

Wong Fu Productions stand as great entertainers representing the Asian-American community. They are committed, they are passionate. They are an inspiration. Keep up the great work, boys!


Joanne is a Masters of Health Informatics student at the University of Toronto, with a B.Sc in Health Studies & Gerontology (and Psychology minor) from the University of Waterloo. She has a great interest in technology and health (hence why she’s in her current program). Furthermore, she is a self-proclaimed geek and hipster (a.k.a. a geekster) who loves discovering city culture, art, and new foods across the GTA.

What do you think about Kollaboration?
I’ve heard about Kollaboration for many years now. It’s an amazing way to recognize and celebrate Asian-American (or Canadian, in this case) talent and it allows for us break the typical stereotypes. We have so much talent in our city, and we should definitely celebrate this! Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to watch a Kollaboration show due to school and/or work commitments, but I definitely plan check it out this year!


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