On behalf of Ashley and I, we’re excited to introduce a segment called “Featured Fridays!” This is where we give the spotlight to our team and our volunteers, get to know them a bit more and spread the love to build a sense of community. We’re all family, so send in YOUR answers. We’d love to know! 


Derek C. Hui has been working with Kollaboration Toronto as a photographer. Get to know him a little bit here!

1. Why do you want to be part of Kollaboration?

As a photographer, I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot new things, people and places.

2. What one word would you describe this organization and why?

Dedicated. A lot of people are working very hard to make this event successful.

3. What one word would you describe yourself and why?

Tall. Because I see over everybodyyyy.

4. Name three of your successes.

1. Being able to work with many talented people in the industry
2. Understanding what exactly I want from and for my life.
3. Jumping into photography

Derek in a nutshell:


What others have said about Derek:

“I love having Derek as our special events photographer! hes so tall so he can take great shots above the entire crowd. 🙂 but mainly hes such an awesome guy as well” – Annabelle Kim

Thanks Derek! Keep up the hard work. Let’s go Kollaboration Toronto Family!


Find more of Derek’s work at www.derekhui.com & www.everythingwillbe.com


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