Ashley’s Daily Dose

To kick things off on my end, I thought I’d submit my own photo of the day. This photo is featuring my father’s guitar, the one I used when I was first learning how to play. This is Aria.

My father grew up in a poor family in Malaysia. He was the youngest of 8, and much of his life was spent in struggle. When he graduated high school, he spent a lot of time in Europe working in restaurants trying to earn enough money to survive. He bought this guitar in Europe, and since then, he has brought it everywhere. When he needed some extra pocket money, he would busk it out on the streets. It accompanied him to Waterloo, while he studied for his Chartered Accountancy designation. He had it when he was dating my mother. He had it when we were young, and he’d always play and sing songs to my sister and I. From when he first purchased Aria until now, he has accomplished more than I can ever dream of.

My father is the most humble, honest and hardworking person I know. He has inspired me in every aspect of my life, including music. Music has found its way into every corner of my being, and gives me hope and strength. Aria is a constant reminder of his story, and the impact music that music has had on him, then me. With this blog, Annie and I hope to learn more about what inspires you. Everyone has a dream, a passion and a story to tell. Kollaboration is focused on empowerment, but this is not limited to the performing arts. Whether it be a photo or video of something that means something to you, a special quote, or an art piece you’re proud of – show us! We’d love to see it, and help share it with others.



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  1. Aww, this is really sweet

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